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Laconic Helps Business and Government Drive Sustainable Growth

Laconic uses state-of-the-art data gathering, analytics and geospatial technology to help organizations and governments make environmentally sound decisions surrounding strategic issues of ecology, economy and security that help minimize negative impacts on the Earth. And help human ventures flourish.

Who We Are

We’re a group of data-smart professionals who care deeply about helping businesses, governments and NGOs thrive without harming our one and only shared planet. Our patented SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform empowers organizations and government to assess alternative scenarios and make ecologically sound business decisions based on multi-variant biologic informatics (MVBI). We operate as a true partner to our clients, considering their unique needs and requirements in order to provide custom solutions to solve problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations and habitat preservation. 



Our Outcome-As-A-Service Model

We believe that sound decision-making happens when goals are clearly stated and resources intelligently deployed. To achieve this, we start by helping our clients define exactly what outcomes they want and need to achieve. Once the desired result is clearly defined, we work with them to develop and assess the most earth-friendly and economically astute ways to achieve their goals. Our business process focuses on examining alternate scenarios in order to deliver the most effective, profitable and benign solutions to complex business challenges. Our SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform models the projected outcomes of proposed solutions, taking the pie out of the sky and putting it on the table. 


Once the desired outcome is modeled, assessed and approved, the Laconic team stands ready to help our clients make it a reality.

Our Solutions 

Combining the expertise of our leadership team with the intelligence built into our SADAR™ Decision-Enabling platform, Laconic is well-equipped to help our clients explore, design and implement bespoke solutions to real world challenges. Our portfolio encompasses solution architectures that address these issues:

Environmental Intelligence

We deliver precision Multi-Variant Biologic Informatics to help NGOs, governments and businesses achieve evidence-based management of natural resources and financial risk.

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Natural-Capital Monetization

Laconic delivers benchmark data to all industries as well as carbon offset monetization solutions to help our clients do the right thing economically.

Ricefields are always a good idea, even better if you find the greenest one in the island,


Soil depletion and erosion is one of the greatest unseen threats to ecological diversity. Laconic explores innovative and practical solutions for our clients.


20 years from now – we will tell our children, and their children,

how we worked to build a world that is demonstrably healthier, both environmentally and socially, than the world which we have inherited.

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