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Good data drives good decisions. Good decisions drive good stewardship.

Gain Information Dominance

“It’s complicated” has become a comic laugh line, delivered with a shrug.

But when the subject being discussed is our one and only planetary home, “it’s complicated” defines the challenges governments, companies and citizens who want to do the right thing face when trying to make earth-friendly decisions.

That’s where Laconic’s Environmental Bio-Informatics expertise comes into play.


Our world-class environmental characterization and monitoring capabilities 

enable us not just to sense but to make sense of natural and human ecosystems in near-real time. That in turn allows us to offer large-scale environmental program management services to NGOs and for-profit companies alike.


We proudly support an array of projects and development programs that comply with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Management and Research to inform top-level decision making

Our program management practice starts with understanding the environment and the context of projects to be implemented. This area of expertise requires examining background policy, business constraints, and funding avenues to determine what set of activities will combine to formulate the ideal outcome. It also requires compiling and examining vast stores of data in order to predict the environmental impacts of alternate scenarios

Using our patented SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform, Laconic collects and weighs the necessary data, models, and simulations to provide our clients with ecologically benign solutions. 

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Once our clients embrace a desired outcome, we deliver all the elements required to achieve it, including infrastructure development and project management activities, design conceptualization, permitting, financing, engineering, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance—as well as generating POSITIVE attention for successful projects.


Combining the best of human and cyber-intelligence resources, Laconic helps our clients design and implement Earth-positive projects.

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