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A Letter from Andrew Gilmour, Laconic CEO

As a technological species, the course of humanity’s development – past, present, and future – has been, is, and will be mediated by our relationship with the tools, apparatus, and infrastructure that we utilize to manipulate our natural environment.

Prior to the 20th century, the immense scale differential between the scope of human technological activity and the natural world allowed us to act with childish abandon – to create without thought or attention to the future costs, opportunities, and consequences of such acts.

The continual compounding of human capacity to manipulate the surrounding environment had, by the dawn of the 21st century, ushered in a new era – the Anthropocene – and with it, the responsibilities inherent to adulthood imposed themselves upon our civilization.

Now, we find ourselves at a crossroads, as the exigencies of a natural world carelessly modified in innumerable ways by our past actions impact us more and more.

The realization that we must value all of the costs and outcomes of our future technological development is met by the concomitant realization that our current toolkit for the conceptualization, valuation, development, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure is fundamentally broken.

This is Laconic’s purpose; to facilitate the creation and deployment of an innovative development toolkit that will facilitate and sustain humanity’s progress indefinitely.

Operating at the intersection of the ecology, economic, and security domains, Laconic delivers bespoke policy outcomes for our partners who seek to advance various societal imperatives without adversely affecting the natural environment. 


Our project portfolio is stocked with innovative approaches to development, such as:

  • Transforming & releasing, in a carbon-neutral manner, stored energy sources that have been  cast aside by humanity’s economic activity,

  • Monitoring our oceans to prevent IUU fishing, reef destruction, and mangrove poisoning while generating economic profit for both partners & ourselves,

  • Pioneering regenerative agriculture practices that simultaneously increase crop yields, and thus profits for our partners, whilst sequestering carbon in the natural landscape and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals. 

For Laconic, that means merging the very best of technology, human expertise and flow of capital to create outcomes that we, our children and our children’s children will be proud of.


Andrew Gilmour

Andrew Gilmour, CEO

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