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Seeing is believing. See how we save the soil.

It’s relatively easy to say the right thing. Doing it requires another level of commitment.  Laconic does it on our farm on Bali, a proof-of-concept investment that lets us quite literally put our money where our mouth is—and experience first-hand the value of the practices we as a company promote.

It’s also the paradigm for a win/win set of services we provide our customers, ones that generate income and provide tax advantages even as they work to make Planet Earth a better place with a brighter future ahead.

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Additionality – the basis to facilitate Carbon-Offset Monetization

Laconic’s Regenerative Ecoculture Services together with its Environmental Intelligence Services powered by SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform collectively provide the real-world activity and the informatics baseline to establish a key-requirement for carbon accounting and monetization: Additionality. This investment category has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it rewards planetary stewardship with valuable carbon offsets.

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A Haven for Foreign Direct Investment

Laconic’s Environmental, Social, and Governance—ESG—investments support our conviction that our planet is our most valuable asset, and that smart businesses see investment in its future as a high priority.

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Jobs for People and Equilibrium for the Planet 

We’re practicing regenerative eco-culture because it’s one of the few win/win investments in today’s eco-challenged world—one we pass on to our clients. For our common good.

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